When the truth really matters.


Cornerstone Private Investigators is a professional private investigator in Rock Hill, SC. Each private detective we hire is an expert at discovering the truth in cases involving divorce, child custody, alimony, and other life-changing situations. Our main goal is to assist you when the truth really matters.

Our private detectives in Rock Hill, SC will treat your case with empathy, respect, courtesy, and the greatest amount of confidentiality. Thanks to our experience in the field of private investigation, we’ve established good working relationships with local attorneys and law enforcement agencies that handle family law cases.

We’re the area’s trustworthy and reputable source for reliable private investigative services. Our private detectives are skilled at uncovering very delicate and sensitive information that’s required to make your case a success.


We use different types of high-tech surveillance strategies to uncover the information you need for your case. We scrutinize bank statements, credit card usage, mobile phone records, and other data that provides evidence of infidelity or other behaviors that make a difference in court.

We’ll provide different types of hard evidence including videos, photos, names, addresses, and digital records. We’ll give you the detailed proof you need to proceed with your investigative case.



The decision to file for divorce is never an easy one. Nevertheless, having the supporting facts you need will help you be more at peace.

The team at Cornerstone Private Investigators handles divorce cases with empathy and confidentiality.

We work hard to help you discover the information that’s required to make the best decision for your life and that of your family. Learn more.

Child Custody

Having to fight for custody of  a child is hard and emotional for both parties. That’s why you need the services of an impartial third party like a private investigator. An investigator can handle the fact-finding for your case on your behalf.

Our experienced private investigators work well with professionals in the family court system. Our experience and familiarity with child custody laws in South Carolina, as well as our commitment to integrity, have made us one of the most reputable investigative services in the area. Learn more.

Alimony Reduction

Have you been ordered to pay alimony or spousal support over and above child support as part of your divorce settlement? We may be able to help you reduce or terminate alimony payments if your ex-spouse is living in continued cohabitation.

Our investigators will make use of the most modern surveillance techniques to expose the truth. We also help you get alimony reduction or termination if your ex-spouse is earning non-documented money or if they sell or use drugs.

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