Child Custody

Child Custody Investigator

Protect Your Parental Rights. Hire a Child Custody Investigator

Child custody cases are notoriously sensitive. After a judge has issued a court order with the terms of your custody agreement, you’d hope that all parties involved would stick to the negotiated terms. Unfortunately, that doesn’t always happen. How do you get peace of mind when you suspect your ex-partner is violating your agreement? A child custody investigator from Cornerstone Private Investigators will get to the bottom of the situation, keeping your child’s safety and best interests at heart.

When Should You Call a Child Custody Investigator?

When it comes to your children, emotions are likely to run high on both sides. However, there are some situations where you should not hesitate to call a child custody investigator. Here are two examples.

Your Children Are Left With Unauthorized Family Members

Your ex-partner has picked up the kids for the weekend. You assume he or she will be with the children the entire time. However, you discover that the children were instead with another relative. If those family members are not authorized by the courts to have visitation without your ex-partner present, there’s a problem. In this case, a custody investigation may be warranted.

Your Children Are Taken Across State Lines Without Your Permission

Most custody agreements will have stipulations on how and when the other parent can travel with the children. There will often be specific requirements for when the other parent wishes to travel across state lines. If your ex-partner has taken your children across the state border without your permission, you have reason to hire a child custody private investigator.

Don’t Wait Any Longer—Learn How a Custody Investigation May Benefit You

The longer you wait, the greater the potential for harm to your children. Make sure your ex-partner is following court order by opening a custody investigation. Cornerstone Private Investigators will walk you through each step of the process, making sure you feel comfortable all along the way.